Sergiu Botolin, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Sergiu Botolin, MD
Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Sergiu Botolin - spinal reconstruction surgeon, stem-cell researcher, and extreme farmer - will be the first to tell you that he likes a challenge. He thrives on it, actually.

After completing his orthopedic surgical residency in his native Moldova, Dr. Botolin joined the bone research laboratory at Michigan State University where he conducted research in the molecular mechanisms of diabetic osteoporosis and later graduated with a PhD degree.

Unlocking the mysteries of how diabetes affects osteoporosis, investigating stem cells, and doing it all in an unfamiliar country would be challenge enough for most people. But after years of research, a colleague and mentor encouraged him to return to clinical work. That required a second orthopedic surgery residency, this time in the United States, which he completed at the University of Colorado.

As he was returning to clinical practice, Dr. Botolin, of course, looked around for something difficult. “I chose spine surgery because in orthopedics it is the most challenging.” Even within spinal surgery, he picked a particularly taxing specialty: reconstruction of adult spinal deformity. After completing a fellowship in advanced spinal reconstruction at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, he returned to Colorado.

Now, as one of a few area spine surgeons who perform advanced spinal reconstruction surgery on adults, he frequently spends eight to 10 hours in a single surgery, repairing spines damaged by scoliosis, trauma, or wear and tear over time.

When he’s not straightening spines, Dr. Botolin farms in Black Forest, south of Colorado Springs. Although, true to form, he isn’t the kind of farmer who plants a crop and watches it grow. Instead, he plants wine grapes in hostile conditions and cultivates extremely hearty “super fruit” trees. And he’s growing barley and hops with the dream of brewing his own beer from homegrown ingredients.

Dr. Botolin also hopes to resume research. “Unfortunately, there is a gap between those who do research and those who do clinical work. I hope to be one of those who can cross the bridge between the two.”

Doing that, Dr. Botolin believes, will benefit patients. “There is great potential in spine surgery, so much to learn and to be discovered. I want to be part of that.”

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Medical & Pharmaceuticalk University Nicolae Testemitanu""
Medical & Pharmaceuticalk University Nicolae Testemitanu""
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University of Colorado Health Sciences Ctr
Orthopedic Spine Surgery
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Sergiu Botolin

Sergiu Botolin, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

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